Saturday, March 12, 2016

Denver Colorado AA Meetings Word .doc format for 2016

AA meetings Word .doc
Nearly 1000 Colorado AA meeting PDFs indexed across various websites and moving on a few thousand pages indexed for 2016 AA meetings across Colorado. The largest archive of Colorado AA meetings for 2016 will be available in various formats. When I was homeless and struggling with alcoholism in in the freezing streets of Denver, nearly every place I went to mandated that you "go to meetings" -- but they never told you what these "meetings" were or where. For someone who had never been to a "meeting", this was a challenge, and hard to prioritize among my other challenges,. Yes, there are several large organizations in Colorado that provide 12-step meetings and other similar, such as Life Ring, but they do not seem to coordinate their efforts for the final, ultimately most and only important thing, getting that information to those who are suffering and struggling in their addiction. As best I can, you will be able to find these resources here, from John -- the homeless Marine in Denver, CO.
AA Meetings in Word .doc Format

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